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About Jeff Callaghan Wills and Estate Planning

Welcome to JCWEP – The Family friendly wealth planning specialist in Northampton. Run by Jeff Callaghan, with over 30 years’ experience across various aspects of wealth building, planning and protection. Jeff also has previous experience advising on peoples Pensions, Investments, Mortgages and Protection, JCWEP’s goal is to help families protect their assets now and in the future.


Jeff currently refers any financial advice enquires to qualified Independant Financial Advisers within the New Leaf group, as he now specialises in providing Wills and Estate Planning services, and protection advice.


JCWEP has the experience and track record to deliver a quality, bespoke face-to-face service to give piece of mind to every unique individual and their family. We are friendly, approachable and committed to making the whole process of Estate Planning totally understandable and affordable. If you’d like to find out how we can ensure your assets are fully protected and your wishes are met when you’re gone then please talk with us now and book a free face-to-face meeting in the comfort of your own home or venue of your choosing.


When providing advice on Wills & LPA's we work in association with Countrywide Tax & Trust Corporation Ltd. This means that we are committed to the highest levels of service and adhere to their strict Code of Conduct - your guarantee of a quality and a professional service. All of our work is double-checked, and we also carry a substantial level of Professional Indemnity Insurance for your added peace of mind.

Our Vision – Protect Our Clients & their family


  • To help the people of Northampton – young and old - to build and protect their assets for themselves and their families, to maintain comfort in the knowledge that the assets will stay in the family.
  • To protect our clients against: losing their family home to fund care costs; losing inheritance in events of care costs, divorce, remarriage and more; bankruptcy; and losing business assets.
  • Helping them maintain their lifestyle, savings and investments along with their income whilst alive to pass their estate on to loved ones in the future.



JCWEP offers a total estate protection service providing a range of wealth building, planning and protection services related to Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney.

For further information on any of our services

Call us now on 07766 105810

Will Writing

We can produce basic wills (£95 fixed price) or Mirror Wills (£180 fixed price). Many standard Wills are formed based on basic instruction; we provide detailed advice in simple terms to ensure our Wills are as protective as possible on YOUR terms for YOUR individual situation.


  • The importance of having a Will can’t be stressed enough whether you’re young and just bought a property with plans to start a family or you’re older and have amassed a significant amount of wealth – leaving the risk of your loved ones not inheriting from your hard work just isn’t an option.
  • If you die without a Will, then the Government decides who will inherit your estate in accordance with the Laws of Intestacy in which case your spouse may end up sharing your estate with your children or parents, or if you are an unmarried couple, then your partner may not get anything; and even worse an ex-spouse could be the eventual beneficiary
  • Making a Will is about ensuring that what you have, goes where you want to, and looking after the people you care most about.
  • Whilst a Will gives piece of mind, it has to be the right type of Will - one that is professionally drafted to take into account your wishes, and your personal and financial circumstances, and will make things as easy as possible for your executors.

With the right Will you can

  • Specify whom you wish to inherit your estate, in what order and in what proportions.
  • Make specific gifts to family, friends or even to your favourite charities.
  • Appoint suitable guardians for young children.
  • Arrange maintenance trusts for children, to protect their inheritance until a specified age.
  • Ensure the inheritance of your children or other beneficiaries should the survivor re-marry.
  • Help reduce Inheritance Tax, and can even help to reduce the effects of nursing care fees.


We also provide Will Amending Services as Wills should be reviewed every few years as wishes, value of assets and the law may have changed

Property Ownership


Generally when couples buy a property together they become “Joint Tenants” each owning 100% of the property. When one partner dies, the surviving partner becomes the sole owner.

A Will written by us with a change of the ownership model to “Tenants in Common” enables each partner to specify who they wish to leave their share too in their Will in the event of their death. In addition this means your property share can’t be taken by a partner’s new spouse or for care costs, whilst the change doesn’t change mortgage or ability to sell the property.

Will Trusts


Will Trusts (standalone document or written into a Will) Trusts are legal arrangements that allow assets such as property or money to be looked after for the benefit of beneficiaries named in a Will whilst also protecting such assets from featuring in Local Authority means testing in the case of a surviving partner needing long term care. Whether its to leave your property to your children but maintain protection for your partner for the rest of their life or to avoid inheritance tax by way of a Discretionary Will Trust there are many reasons to see of a Trust

In addition Trusts can be set up to take care of family members with learning disabilities: Discretionary trusts are set up as a way of making long term financial provision for a disabled child. The reason a trust is useful is that assets once put in trust do not belong to either the donor, parents or the 'object' of the trust who is intended to benefit. This means that the capital held in the trust is not taken into account when assessing entitlement to state benefits like Income Support or local authority obligations to fund care. Trusts are used to pay for extra things which Social Security benefits may not fund, a holiday, new clothes, electrical goods, special equipment. Importantly a trust can also hold, manage and maintain the parental home if put into the trust.

Other Trusts

We are also able to provide Trusts for specific purposes such as:

  • Disabled Dependents
  • Allowing elderly relatives who live with you the right to reside in your home following your death
  • Discretionary Trusts for High Net Worth families, to allow wealth to be passed tax-efficiently to subsequent generations
  • Nil Rate Band Trusts to allow unmarried couples to use both their IHT free NRB allowances

Will Storage


In order to avoid losing your Will (accidental loss, burglary, damage) we are able to arrange professional storage via Kings Court Trust Ltd. Kings Court Trust Ltd, based in Bath, offers a friendly, professional and client-focused Will storage and Estate Administration Service. Each Will is stored in a safe and secure storage facility and is clearly marked with a unique reference number. Your Will is insured against loss or damage, and is registered with WillData, the National Will Database, to ensure your Will can be found at the time of your death. Not only does this give piece of mind but as part of the storage agreement you will receive:

  • Certificate of storage
  • ID cards for your Executors
  • A discount on future amendments to your Will
  • Signed copy of your Will for your records
  • Letters to your Executors / Trustees and Guardians confirming their appointment and duties.
  • Probate helpline for your Executors informing them what to do in the event of your death.

We can offer an annual or Lifetime Storage option to give you complete peace of mind about the long term storage of your Will. If you would like to discuss your options or arrange storage for your Will, please get in touch.

Lasting Powers of Attorney/Advanced Directives


Lasting Power of Attorney

A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) can be crucial as it enables - in the event of incapacity - people to nominate someone they trust to make decisions for them, about their property and financial affairs, as well as medical matters. However, an LPA has to be put in place prior to the person becoming incapacitated or risk the family having to fight for their relative’s rights and assets. However the donor may include a restriction that the LPA can only be used at a time in the future when they lack the capacity to make decisions for themselves. In some cases it may be easier to give someone the power of a LPA now, to carry out tasks such as paying their bills or collecting their benefits or other income.

New Leaf Will Writers are particularly proud of the unique low cost LPA service we have created specifically for the pensioners in our communities. Contact your local New Leaf adviser who will send you our free LPA information pack that will help make a complicated subject so much easier to understand.

Advanced Directives

As a competent adult, you have a legal right to give or withhold consent to medical treatment. However, if you become mentally incapacitated or unconscious, treatment may be given or withheld without your consent provided medical staff are convinced it would be in your best interests. Through an 'advance directive' (also known as a 'Living Will'), you retain your legal right to decline specific treatment, including life-prolonging treatment.

An advance statement is when you specify what treatment or care you would like to be given if you no longer have the capacity to make your own decisions. This is not legally binding for health professionals but will help them to understand your preferences. An AD can often be a good alternative to an LPA to avoid asking someone else having to make a medical decision on your behalf; whilst an LPA costs more.

Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

Many people are still unaware that they can safely and cost-effectively pre-pay for their own funeral during their lifetime.

Funeral costs have consistently risen at rates well above inflation, so it can make good sense to sacrifice part of your low-yielding bank or building society savings now and secure YOUR choice of funeral at today's prices. Even if you have allocated savings on a special account, accessing the money after your death may be difficult until probate is granted. By choosing a pre-paid funeral plan, your relatives or executors would be spared the embarrassment of being asked to pay several thousand pounds by a funeral director, which they may end up having to borrow.

You may be very happy to have a fairly low budget funeral but, if you don't pre-plan, the relatives you leave behind may not be aware of this and may

choose to splash out on a lavish affair at a cost well above that which you would find acceptable. Alternatively, they may choose a fairly modest funeral when you would have preferred a top-of-the-range send off.

Choosing what you prefer in advance can avoid family arguments and make a very difficult time less painful for those you leave behind.

If you have reasonable levels of savings that are not performing well, using some of them now can make good financial sense and avoid difficult choices for your family or friends.

The money you invest in your pre-paid funeral plan is fully protected, and you can even pay by instalments if you prefer, so please ask us now for further details.

The small print

Our actions and advice will always conform to relevant UK law, and are aimed at providing the maximum benefit to our clients in the most economical way possible, but always at the highest possible standard. Every JCWEP Will Writer will assist each of their clients in making informed and balanced decisions regarding any of their estate or power of attorney needs, whilst ensuring that the client is acting freely, without coercion or undue influence, and with sufficient understanding to make an informed decision.

Prices & Payment

Our prices are extremely competitive even though we do provide high quality and personally tailored services to meet individual needs. As such you will find that JCWEP advisers do not offer a fixed price tariff, but prices are generally very similar. Individual advisers are often willing to propose solutions which accommodate their clients' available budgets and timescales. It is always our practice to agree our prices and payment method clearly in advance by way of a Letter of Engagement. Once agreed, prices are fixed and without hidden extras. A minimum 50% deposit with the remaining amount paid on completion is our standard payment structure.


"I have to say my wife and I were mightily impressed by your knowledge and total professionalism in how you carefully talked us through what is a sensitive subject matter."

James McC

"I can honestly say that Jeff was brilliant he explained everything and made sure we understood the complexities of what was needed to secure our Estate"

Julie K

"We agreed the best course of action would be mirror Wills and you provided plenty of useful information to help us ensure our (albeit modest) Estates would be taken care of in the way we both wanted, should the worst happen."

Hazel & Luke N

"I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone I encountered who needs the reassurance of setting up an effective estate plan for their future."

ö-Sel N

Jeff Callaghan in association with Countrywide Tax & Trust Corporation Ltd